July 30, 2014

Drowsy Driving cause up to 7,500 crashes a year

I was not surprised with the findings of the study mentioned below.  It makes sense that binge drinkers, alcohol impaired drivers and individuals who do not […]
July 29, 2014

New auto recalls to be aware of….

This summer has been very busy for the auto industry and recalls.   In the last couple months, we’ve seen more vehicle recalls than we usually see in […]
July 25, 2014

Do you want a jack-of-all-trades surgeon working on you? I don’t….

Blogging for Edwards & Ragatz has me perusing the news websites daily.  I am always looking for an article that catches my attention, makes me want […]
July 24, 2014

Florida widow awarded $23.6 billion in smoking lawsuit

A Northwest Florida jury awarded a widow $23.6 billion in punitive damages in her lawsuit against tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.  Cynthia Robinson asserted that […]
July 23, 2014

Johns Hopkins pays out $190 million after doc secretly taped pelvic exams of thousands of women

My heart goes out to all the patients of this horrible doctor who had their trust of doctors completely violated and exploited.  We all want to […]
July 22, 2014

Florida juror in Auto Accident Trial faces contempt for Facebook postings

In what is believed to be a first in the country, a 24-year-old Boca Raton man, Alexander Sutton, faces contempt of court charges for posting comments […]
July 21, 2014

The District Courts are split – Does a loss-of-consortium claim survive the death of deceased spouse?

Recently, the Fifth District Court of Appeal, in Randall v. Walt Disney World, 5D12-4353, reversed a trial court ruling and found that a surviving spouse’s loss-of-consortium claim can […]
July 18, 2014

Acne Products May Cause Life-Threatening Allergy Symptoms

Some popular over-the-counter acne treatments can cause severe irritation or even potentially life-threatening allergic reactions, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration  said recently in a FDA warning, […]
July 17, 2014

Are the ends of guardrails unsafe for northeast Florida drivers?

Channel 4 has another good read on their website!  It is on a subject that I have not thought too much about, but I will next […]