Rental cars hidden secret

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October 2, 2015
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October 12, 2015


NBC News and The Today Show delved into a hidden secret that many rental cars would rather the public not known about.  Even though it is against the law to sell a car a with an open safety recall, it is not against the law to rent you one.  So, with more than 34 million vehicles with Takata air bags, and over 100 injuries, and even eight death, rental car companies can rent you a vehicle that has a Takata air bag.  You might think this is a myth but a team of correspondents tested this and were able to rent cars with open air bag recalls from several well-known companies.

How can you make sure your rental does not have an open recall?  Experts say you should check the VIN (vehicle identification number) — the 17-digit code generally printed at the bottom corner of your vehicle’s dash on the driver’s side — before you drive it. Enter the VIN at to quickly learn whether the vehicle has an open safety recall.The rental companies and the American Rental Car Association tell NBC News safety is paramount, and they’ve pledged their support for legislation making it illegal to rent cars with open safety recalls.

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