HALO technology coming to an intersection near you

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November 20, 2015
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November 25, 2015


HALO Technology – There is a new piece of crash avoidance technology that is going to be coming to Jacksonville very soon.   The technology promises it will save lives and help people avoid accidents.  What is the name of this special piece of technology? It is called HALO and will be added to an existing red light camera location off Atlantic and Southside Boulevard.  According to the company who created HALO, it will reduce the number of crashes.  How?  It is able to pick up time and speed of a vehicle approaching an intersection and determine if the vehicle will be able to stop in time.  If the vehicle cannot stop in time, HALO will delay the green light for cross traffic until the vehicle passes.  Action News Jax inquired with the JSO to see how much the technology costs and was told it was included in the contract that the city has with Redflex, which is the company who runs the red-light cameras in Jacksonville.

The National Safety Council says nearly one-third of all deadly crashes at intersections are caused by red light runners.

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